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The mouse cursor is represented by a beetle-shaped jewel. Try to pick up the mouse and place it back down again without moving the mouse cursor out of position. If you fail to do so, an alarm will be triggered and you'll have ten seconds to move it back to its original place - all while the screen shakes. Good luck!

Yes, the full title of the game is All Hail The Beetle - Don't Jostle That Jewel! I couldn't include the full title on the main page as it messed up my beautiful tables.

All Hail The Beetle - Don't Jostle That Jewel! (I can't turn back and just refer to it as the first half now) started its life as the concept for a board game. The idea was that there would be two pawns, each controlled by a separate player, and these pawns would have a board placed across the top of them, with some kind of object on top that couldn't be allowed to fall off. Both players would have to move their pawns along a path at the same time, keeping the piece of board held up and moving along with them, making sure not to drop the item it was carrying, or something undetermined-but-horrible would happen.

Looking back at what I just typed, I recall the inspiration came from the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones and Sallah are in the well of souls trying to lift the Ark of the Covenant.

I just couldn't get the board game to work. It wasn't as fun as I imagined it would be. But, I still liked the idea of trying to carefully move something, and it eventually evolved into All Hail The Beetle - Don't Jostle That Jewel. The "stealing an artifact" theme kind of remained, though now the game takes place in an art museum... but I don't need to explain that to you... it's clearly obvious from the screen shots...

The "security is coming" sound was carried over from Bileview, where I thought it was too annoying there but just the right amount of annoying and panic-inducing for this game. The security guard's voice is done by me, and pitch-shifted down slightly (I think at this point in time I was afraid of using my "real" voice for fear of one of my non-existent enemies identifying it and coming after me). I hadn't seen my drawing of the security guard in a while and I'm amused at how goony I made him look.

There are things I should probably go back and fix (it's annoying that the screen shake and mouse sensitivity settings reset each time you restart) and I likely will eventually, but overall I still like what I did with this. Truthfully, outside of those minor tweaks I think I did the most I can with this concept!

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