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Glorious Trainwrecks

A square-and-rectangular creature hops to and fro through its jungle abode. You're compelled to measure and document its various body parts. Thankfully you brought along your trusty mouse measuring tape (a computer mouse that measures, that is, not a tape meant for measuring mice).

I did not intend to rhyme or use such incredible alliteration in the first paragraph. These things simply happen occasionally. It's called serendipity.

Serendipty is what helped me come up with the concept for Dimensions of the Boxy Hop-Dog, assuming I understand the definition of serendipity. In the Pokémon games, each Pokémon's Pokédex éntry contains information about théir héight and wéight. That got mé to thinking: whosé job is it to méasuré thésé créaturés? How do they collect this data? And the game was born.

I'm sure in-universe, there is someone who lures a Pokémon onto a scale, but that doesn't make for a very compelling game. So I made a game that was more about watching and following, trying to get the right measurement at the right moment before the creature turns and goes another way.

I initially wanted there to be the potential for a game-over; you couldn't allow the mouse cursor to touch the Boxy Hop-Dog or the game would end. I'm glad I axed this feature, because I don't think the game needs a fail state - it's hard enough getting 100% precise measurements as it is (but not impossible).

Dimensions of the Boxy Hop-Dog was released only five days before I made this web page (November 2021). Truthfully, it's the game that took the second longest amount of time for me to finish, outside of Pitch and Putt Club. I began this in April of 2020. I stopped developing it in May 2020, and didn't pick it up again until last month. I'm glad I finally have something to show for it. I think it's an interesting little idea for a game.

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