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Glorious Trainwrecks

Roll dice to advance your pawn down the game board to the finish space, but not in the way you typically would - you can roll as many dice as you want, with any number of sides, and then you move your pawn according to how satisfying it felt to do so on a scale of one to ten. But only an exact roll can land you on the final space.

The game board has 41 spaces (not including start). You supply the pawns. Got a box full of dice? A closet full of dice? An attic full of dice? That sounds annoying. But you can use all of those dice to play this game.

Liars Dice II: Honesty Dice? is a joke game. I haven't actually played it myself, although I can imagine I will try at some point. I've definitely played it in my mind several times. Despite being a joke, I think it has merit. It's fun to think of the chaos of rolling an armful of dice across a tile floor and hearing them all clack around. You'll have to consider, however, how satisfying it will feel afterwards when you look down at what you've just accomplished and realize you have to pick all of them up. Therein lies a portion of this unplayed game's appeal to me - it's about self-analysis as much as causing a ruckus.

I think I wrote the rules for this roughly a minute after coming up wth the concept. The inspiration partially came from 'legs' by quasiotter on Glorious Trainwrecks, where users were asked to submit rules for games. The other inspiration for this game was the fact that I enjoy rolling dice. It's easily the best part of playing a board game to me. It always feels like an event.

The game itself took an hour or two to make - I decided I needed a board, and the rules needed to have more detail. I had a lot of fun coming up with the various things to consider before and after your roll. The art is the worst part because, well, I just wanted to be finished. And a joke game didn't seem to need tons of gorgeous artwork. Even then, I think about going back and making better art sometimes.

The original title for this game was "[To The Tune of 'All Right Now' By Free] Roll Dice Now".

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